May I…






May I infuse my body with energy from food, sleep, and sunlight. May I awaken each day with vitality and vibrancy – living from a powerful flame of life within me. May I nourish myself with flowing prana – the force of life – by breathing deeply, moving gently, and being peaceful. May I be a clear, luminous, energetic being.

May I relax into this moment as it is. May I relax my resistance, let go of my fears, and loosen my grip on control and expectations. May I move with ease from place to place, from task to task, from here to now. May I soften, surrender, and chill the $%@! out (everything is already alright, always alright, always alright). May I be calm abiding in ever-changing seasons.

May I trust in the power of my intuition. May I get quiet, be still, and listen patiently to my inner wisdom. May I follow the light, trust the light, be the light. May I graciously receive teachings from all beings and all experiences in all ways. May I trust myself like I trust in the sunlight.

May I love myself just as I am – alive, growing, tender, courageous, vivid, innocent. May I greet myself with the velvety embrace of my own heart. May I forgive myself wholeheartedly and rejoice for my earnest efforts. May I love myself enough, knowing I am enough, knowing I am lovable, knowing I am loved, knowing my loving presence, loving the presence of my knowing. May I be rooted in love, may I be a river flowing freely with love, may I connect with the infinite source of love within. May I be love, give love, for love, from love, to love, as love, with love.

May I open up to life and the splendor each moment offers. May I open up to the simple and profound gift of awareness. May I open up my mind and my heart and expand my consciousness. May I see the immeasurable potential of every breath, every moment, every being. May I look around with insight, perceiving through the sight within. May I realize the limitlessness of the radiant space inside, outside, above, below, everywhere, nowhere, now, here. May I rest in this luxurious spaciousness with ease.

May I wonder and wander through life, witnessing energy in the sun beams, relaxation in the ocean waves, trust in the steadfast growth of trees, love in the rich colors of wildflowers, and openness in the expanse of the sky. May I embody nature as nature embodies the truth of life—to be open, loving, trusting, and relaxed is to be fully awake and alive.

Thank you for the inspiration.


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