Welcoming Practice

Hello, you.

Welcome to this space— Open. Free. Peaceful.

IMG_1487Here I hope to plant a garden. Each post will offer a seed of intention through photographs, stories, poetry, and prose. I will plant seeds of patience, compassion, trust, contentment, love, courage, joy and everything in between. There will be plenty of water and sunshine, as well as despair, rejection, failure, loss, and discomfort, to nourish the growth of these seeds and allow them to thrive. As I embark on this journey to create a space of inspiration and delight, my first seed of intention is to welcome all thoughts, feelings, sensations, experiences and everything and everyone to help this garden flourish with radiance. Your presence and your energy provide nutrients for this lush and fecund garden of life. Thank you for being.

With wholehearted gratitude,